Rotten Beauty Photoshoot with Vika Nightingale

Flashback Monday to Photoshoot with Vika Nightingale. We created images with fruits to express the decay and classical beauty together, contrasting and balancing the two. By creating the images as old style Renaissance style painting of still life settings we wanted to express the beauty of decay and its timelessness. Enjoy the amazing series of […]

New Products Coming out for Bazaar and Christmas fair in Kultuurikatel

  New  and re-visited Products will be first shown during Tallinn Creative Incubator Christmas Bazaar and  Christmas fair in Kultuurikatel. 03.12.2016 Click here for more info on Christmas Bazaar in Tallinn Creative Incubator  21.12.2016 Click here for more information on Christmas Fair in Kultuurikatel The upcoming weeks will be boiling hot in the Studio, where lots […]